Why SavioPlus?

SavioPlus UAE is a well established and well-known website operating in the Middle East region working to acquaint online shoppers with different coupons and offers from various online stores, restaurants, and retailers in UAE.

We have been in the business since 2018 aiming at making online shopping economical and exciting for you. Within a very short span of time, we now cover hundreds of stores (Global and national) and services actively running online.

We act as a connector between these stores and their potential customers opening a gateway for numerous deals to flow right into your screen. We also enrich our followers with a whole new shopping experience with around 1500 plus coupons and vouchers to choose from. We are basically a promotional platform where you can get information about any running or upcoming sales for any store you want, in just a click. We list down the best-suited offers for you with full detail about it so that every time you shop online you save something out of it. If you are one of those who prefers shopping regularly through online stores than you should definitely keep an eye to know the best discounts available.

We provide an easy pick for you from the well-categorized list of offers. Some of these categories are clothing, food, hotel, travel, home appliances, health, electronics, hosting and furniture with many other options. If you are looking for all the coupons that you may use for the clothing we give you the exact number of offers we have for that category first, then the entire list of deals. There are also many special offers on most of the brands which are separately mentioned under the Special Offers section. We acknowledge the fact that most shoppers like to shop during the festival season so we devoted a full category for the offers launched during any major festival.

For all those who like to shop according to their favorite brand choice we also have an option which gives you access to the coupons and offers directly from the brands. We list down offers to you from some of the biggest online stores functioning on a worldwide network. Some of these brands are Amazon, Shein, KFC, Adidas, AliExpress, Domino’s, eBay, Lifestyle, Zomato, Splash Fashion, Klook, Emirates, Uber eats, Baby Shop, Flydubai, and Cleartrip, etc.

We understand that today everyone is busy with their hectic schedule so shopping online is a time-saving option. It is not possible for a person to jump from one site to another or from one brand to another brand searching for the best deal before making a purchase so this is exactly what we do. We club all of it at one place saving up your time and contracting your expenses with the best of deals so that before buying anything you have full information about which is a good offer and which isn’t and also the one that fits right into your budget.

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